I’d like to welcome and thank you for visiting my blog, Make it Dough. 

I’m Hannah, a 29-year-old home baker living in Las Vegas, NV with my boyfriend and our 3 cats. 

In August 2018, I quit my 9-5 in favor of working from home as a marketing consultant. Not having to physically go to an office freed up a lot of my time, and I was in search of a new challenge. This is when I created my sourdough starter and became obsessed with bread making. 

I am not a chef or a professional baker. I researched and taught myself by reading other blogs and books by others more accomplished than I am. I created a majority of the recipes on this blog (unless stated otherwise), they are based on hours spent in my kitchen. 

There are few things I love more than working with my hands, and learning new techniques to improve my baking.  I started this blog to document all my research and share the lessons I’ve learned while developing some of my favorite recipes. 

Hopefully, my little corner of the internet can distract you from your everyday life, while helping you create something delicious for yourself.

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