Sourdough  Irish Soda Bread

This cake was the BEST chocolate cake we have ever eaten!!! It was so moist, and that frosting 😳 … my husband says he needs to have a birthday more than once a year 😂

Evie Harman


cocoa powder and semi-sweet chocolate strong brewed coffee or espresso vanilla extract butter eggs oil milk sourdough discard granulated sugar and brown sugar all-purpose flour baking powder and baking soda salt

Make the Batter

Bloom cocoa powder in espresso Melt the butter and chocolate together Stir the sourdough discard, milk, sugars, oil and vanilla into the butter and chocolate mixture Fold in the flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt  Pour the hot espresso and cocoa powder mixture into the cake batter





Bake at 350 for  40 to 45 minutes

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