Sourdough Discard Blondies

Gooey with a crackly top, and decadent brown sugar flavor, these sourdough blondies are out of this world. The flavor of sourdough adds a much-needed complexity that tames and perfectly complements the sweetness of this sugary treat.

Sourdough Apple Honey Challah

This sourdough apple honey challah has all the best qualities of a challah, eggy, sweet flavor and an incredibly soft and pillowy crumb, with all of the health benefits of naturally-leavened breads.

Sourdough Bagels

The taste, texture and flavor of fresh-baked bagels are above and beyond anything that comes in a plastic sleeve. Using sourdough elevates these further to another level.

Sourdough Bialy

A bagel with a well of caramelized onions? Although I’d never actually eaten a bialy, the moment I discovered them, I knew I had to master baking them.

Spelt Country Loaf – GIVEAWAY CLOSED

Spelt adds a sweet flavor reminiscent of honey that deepens the flavor of this soft and creamy crumb. Unlike hard wheat which usually imparts a hint of bitterness, spelt has a much more delicate flavor that’s delicious on its own, and both with sweet or savory accompaniments.  I developed this recipe in partnership with Central…

Sourdough Ube White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

I’m giving a Filipino twist to a classic cookie recipe. These are chewy and packed with white chocolate and macadamia nuts. But what I love most about this recipe is how the ube flavor really shines. If you love the flavor of ube, you’ll absolutely adore these cookies! I use actual ube in this recipe,…

Sourdough Ensaymada

My New Year’s resolution this year was to bake more Filipino bread and pastries. I’m adapting all of my childhood favorites into sourdough recipes that I can share with you all. I plan to create and post recipes of Filipino breads or desserts that incorporate ingredients commonly used in the Philippines and Asia, like my…

Ube Pan De Coco (Collaboration with Artisan Bryan)

If clouds were edible, I bet they would taste and feel exactly like this ube pan de coco — sweet, pillowy soft, and shreddable. This recipe is a collaboration with the bread master himself, Artisan Bryan. I met Bryan at the Saveur Magazine Blog Awards, where we both won (yay sourdough) awards in our respective…

Sourdough Discard Crinkle Cookies

Crinkle cookies were my absolute favorite growing up. I’ve always been an absolute chocolate fiend, so I could never get enough of these rich and fudgy treats.  When I set out to recreate a sourdough version of these cookies, I knew I wanted them to have a really soft, and chewy middle. Adding discard to…

Saveur Blog Awards 2019

WE DID IT! Thanks to all of you, Make It Dough took home the Reader’s Choice Award for Best Special-Interest Blog at the Saveur Blog Awards. The win came as a complete shock, as I never thought I could win such a tremendous honor after only one year of making sourdough and blogging. It’s been…