Make It Dough Recipe Club!

Hi everyone! Popping in here to announce that I’ve launched a Recipe Club on Patreon.

I’m so excited to be able to share even more creative ways to use your sourdough starter and discard! Twice each month, you’ll receive a recipe drop. To start with, I’m sharing my recipe for these ridiculously rich and buttery Sourdough Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

More importantly, you’ll become a part of the Recipe Club community! You’ll get to request recipes, and help me decide which recipes will be developed and published. Most importantly, I get to hear what’s working for you guys, what you guys love and how I can best serve you! You’ll have a direct line of communication with me, and I’ll get to help you troubleshoot any issues you are having, either with the recipes I share, or with your overall bread making journey.

If you love my content and have found any value in the recipes I share, I encourage you to join!

What You’ll Get

  • Two Patreon exclusive recipes
  • Ability to suggest and vote on upcoming recipes for the Recipe Club
  • A private community where I can help you troubleshoot bread and recipe questions
  • A sourdough-themed sticker designed by a local artist in Tucson
  • Exclusive updates on what’s happening with Make It Dough

Why I launched a Patreon

I want to be honest with you guys…As you all know the cost of ingredients can add up and making sourdough can take days. When I created Make It Dough, I made a conscious decision to provide a great user experience for anyone who visits. This means, making marketing minimal, no ads that block the recipes or videos that slow down my site. This has also meant that I don’t make any revenue from the blog.

Creating and testing a recipe can take 20 or more hours of my time. When coupled with the amount of time it takes to photograph, draft, and edit each piece of content that time increases exponentially.

To be honest, I’ve been hesitant to launch my Patreon as I know that some people cannot afford to provide monetary support. Know that you will still be able to access free content on my blog. For those who can provide patronage, your generosity will allow me to continue creating the content that you love, while helping me sustain my site and share recipes with everyone.

For those who choose to support me on the Recipe Club, I’d like to extend my sincere, heartfelt gratitude. Please know that your investment into my platform goes a long way and never goes unnoticed.

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